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Aiden and Andy

Maine Coon brothers, Aiden and Andy are appoximately 2 years old and very devoted to each other. Won't you bring these long-haired, loving beauties into your home?


P.O. Box 454,
Vails Gate, NY 12584.

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 Welcome to Precious Paws, Inc.


Fiona is a cute little buff kitty (that's Fiona on the right) that we rescued from a neighborhood in Cornwall, NY with her 4 siblings. They were rescued in May 2012 at about 6-7weeks of age. They were in foster care for just about a month and we got a call from the foster parent that Fiona was ill. She was found lying half in & out of the litter box and was very limp. She seemed to have an upper respiratory infection and was very dehydrated.

We started her on fluids and antibiotics and was force feeding her every couple of hours. She is now 6 months of age, her brothers are fine and have been neutered and adopted out. We kept her sister Ariel thinking she needed her for company. Ariel is a fabulous big sister. Ariel is spayed and vaccinated and thriving, however Fiona is kind of stuck in a time warp.

She still only weighs 3 lbs. She has good days and bad days. She plays some days and then she will just sit in one spot for hours and drool. She has been tested for FIV/FeLV and is negative, she was tested for diabetes and her blood sugar is normal. We did preliminary bloodwork and it is inconclusive. She had a little elevated WBC and the liver values were a little off.

Our vet is recommending more blood tests and an ultrasound but we are out of funds. If anyone can help us with some of the cost it would be greatly appreciated! Please email us at: preciouspawscatrsq@yahoo.com to donate towards helping us help little Fiona or click on the Donate button in the left column or become Fiona's Guardian Angel!

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We thank all of you who help us save so many lives... We can't do it without you!!!


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Our Mission:

PRECIOUS PAWS, INC. is a no-kill, 501(C)(3) non-profit organization solely staffed by volunteers who are dedicated to the rescue of stray cats and kittens in Orange County, NY. All of our cats are altered, tested for FIV/FeLV, vaccinated, wormed and treated for fleas/mites. All of our kittens have had at least one distemper vaccine, have been tested for FIV/FeLV, and have had at least one worming treatment. All of our kittens will be altered by five months. We will follow up with any kitten adopted prior to altering as agreed upon at the time of adoption. We also follow up with every cat adopted from our organization by phone call or home visit. We also reserve the right to take back any cat if we find that they are being abused, neglected or if the adopter made false statements on their application.

Our felines are fully attended to medically, socialized in one of our foster homes and placed for adoption. We do however also have special needs cats, ie animals that are difficult to socialize or are handicapped. If you are interested in saving a little life, please call. We try very hard to match the right feline with the right person. We are also strong advocates of T/N/R(Trap/Neuter/Return) methods for managing feral cat colonies. If you would like more info on T/N/R please visit Alley Cat Allies website or e-mail us. We are also in need of monetary donations for our Spay/Neuter Fund and for medical expenses.

If you are interested in adopting a cat or kitten, please e-mail us at preciouspawscatrsq@yahoo.com or check our ADOPTIONS page.

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You can help Precious Paws by shopping on line with iGive. They will donate a percentage of each sale to our rescue efforts. Just click on iGive and register with them (where it says "Join Here"). They will ask you some questions that will be easy to answer. It just takes a minute. By registering at iGive through this website, you will also be adding $5 to us if you shop in the next 45 days online.

Thank you for your support!

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