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 Clipped Ears and Feral Cats

Have you wondered why some cats have clipped ears? These cats — usually feral cats — are given this cute cut to help caretakers tell them apart from any new cat entering a colony. Cats with clipped ears have been spayed or neutered and returned to the colony. When caretakers see a clipped ear, they can avoid trapping a neutered cat again and any ear-tipped cat trapped in error can be easily identified and released.

Precious Paws recommends that all feral cats, while still under general anesthetic for spaying or neutering, have the top quarter inch of their left ear removed. Once this procedure is done, these neutered feral cats are easily identified — even from a distance. And we think they look cute.. new members of the Clipped Ear Society!

We have some of the cutest Clipped Ears at Precious Paws - those who are either physically unable to return to the colony or who can be sponsored to trust humans some day. Those who aren't quite ready to be adopted, can be sponsored through our Guardian Angels program - CLICK HERE to learn more about this program.

Remember these clipped-ear feral cats, like all feral cats, need care too! There are special techniques and proven methods for helping this unique and intriguing population of felines. The following information should provide you with insight and knowledge about the needs of ferals and how you can help them!

You can find some great brochures and information pages from these organizations:

ALLEY CAT ALLIES: (http://www.alleycat.org/)

BEST FRIENDS: (http://www.bestfriends.org/)

FAITHFUL FERAL PROJECT: The work of a community of feline rescuers.
We are a small, grassroots feral cat rescue and education community. Our strong dedication to improving the lives of homeless cats in our own neighborhood has led us to each other and formed our close-knit network. We have no borders, and no “shelter” per se. Instead, most of our work naturally happens outdoors and in a handful of loving foster homes on an "as needed" basis. We share our knowledge and experiences of feral cats, and provide social and motivational support to like-minded cat allies locally and hundreds of miles away.

T.N.R: Our local cat activism starts by meeting neighbors (especially those with homeless cats close by) and members of the community to educate them about “Trap-Neuter-Return” for feral cats and the importance of spay/neuter for all cats. Faithful Feral rescuers are committed to improving the lives of feral (and homeless) cats by holding fast to the “No-Kill” philosophy. We at Precious Paws, ally ourselves with other rescuers who are “No-kill” only. We all generally come together with the common aim to reduce suffering among cats, by active spay/neuter efforts, well-maintained colony management, and promoting adoptions that are well planned and thoroughly scrutinized. We always work with the safety of the cat as our number one priority.

Please help us keep cat population down with a donation towards neutering feral cats... you can help!

Contact Information: preciouspawscatrsq@yahoo.com


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