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Would you like to have a donation made in someone's name? Please click the "add to cart" button below (a $20 donation is required) and receive a cute flyer with their name.

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 Guardian Angels

We know that many of the cats under our care may never get that forever home we want for them. Perhaps one adorable kitty is FIV+ and that cute boy, Billy, is an injured feral who never learned to trust humans while others, like little Fiona and Angel, have severe medical issues.

At Precious Paws, we never turn away from any cat. We give these special needs cats a safe shelter and warm bed, enough food to fill their bellies, ongoing medical care and as many snuggles and affection as they will allow.

But it's hard for us to keep up with these ongoing expenses so we turn to you for help... won't you become a Guardian Angel to our special needs kitties?

For as little as $15 a month or $150 a year, your tax deductible donation ensures these special babies will continue to get all that they need.

Become a Guardian Angel and you will receive a personal thank you from your chosen kitty, a photo of your little angel and updates on your kitty's progress.

The Group Guardian Angels Program is a great way for any organization to pool resources to help those with ongoing expensive medical challenges like little Fiona's. Please download our Guardian Angel poster by CLICKING HERE and bring it to work with you. The kitties will be so very grateful and you will have our unending gratitude for helping us help the most helpless.

You can make a difference right now! Take a look below at some of the cats waiting for their own special angel and click on the Guardian Angel Subscribe button to your left and select either a tax deductible payment that is right for you and start helping us care for your chosen angel.

PS - You are welcome to send your sponsored baby cat toys and supplies although we can't guarantee they won't share them with their friends...


ANGEL - Okay, so I have had a few minor seizures and will need to be on medication for the rest of my life, but everyone says I'm a VERY sweet boy and that although I'm shy, I can be an absolute sweetheart when I warm up and start rolling around. Hey, who doesn't love a good petting! Won't you be my Guardian Angel and help pay for my medications?

LARRY (minus Curly) - Hey, I'm Larry. My brother Curly was adopted a while back. Great names, right? We were dumped in the parking lot at B & G Pet Supplies in Newburgh in June, 2007. When the store opened, they found a backpack in the shrubs by the door with little tiger boys approx. 8 wks old - that would be us! I love being loved and don't have a mean bone in my body – honest! Can I be your special angel? I'm rather good looking and my picture will look great on your mantel. I promise. Pick me!

JILLIAN & JULIA - We were adopted in 2007 but when our people's marriage ended, we were left homeless. I hear that happens a lot. Although we're sweet girls, we prefer not sharing a home with other cats so we live with the Precious Paws people. They tell us we were born in early 2007 but we can't remember.. Won't you pick us to be your angels? Two for the price of one! Can't beat that.

Make a Memorial or Tribute Donation or become a Guardian Angel on behalf of another. The picture and notes will be sent to anyone you wish.

Leave a Legacy of Love with planned giving including bequests through your will, charitable lead trusts, gifts of retirements, etc. Please contact your estate planning attorney to learn more.


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